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Ol West Farms

Quality animals, luxury fibers, roving, and stunning jewelry

The KuneKune Pig (pronounced CooneyCooney). We currently have Ginger, Maryanne, Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Howie Mandel, and our little girl from this years litter, Destiny. Thanks Pamela Farris of Rockstar Little Piggies! Even after 2 months (photo to the left), Howie still remembered Morgan and it was love once again between teenager and piggy! Howie still follows Morgan around the farm. Love at first site!

The KuneKune Pig is a delightful small pig with an INCREDIBLE temperament. They love to be scratched and have their bellies rubbed!!! The Kunekune pig is very mellow and calm compared to regular pigs and wonderful to be around! Their little grunts and snorts are adorable!!! The Kunekune pigs love to be with people and make excellent pets. They are easy on pastures as they graze primarily on grass and dandelions without rooting or testing fences. These pigs are the only TRUE grazing pig!!! These pigs are suitable for novice owners as they are wonderful, safe, easy to train, and entertaining!

The Kunekune Pig originates from New Zealand and they are known for their laid back, docile, friendly temperaments. They are a slow growing pig who will mature to around 150-175 lbs for the girls and 200-250 lbs for the boys. Kunekune pigs are GREAT pigs for roosting! Purchase your pig and raise it up for the dinner table or keep them for wonderful, friendly pets. Don't ruin your pastures with other breeds of pigs. Kunekune pigs are great for small farms and farms that don't want their pastures ruined!